View EVERY Instagram story !

Ghostify makes you anonymous while viewing Instagram stories.

Using Ghostify no one finds out you viewed their story.

It works on both public and private accounts.

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Instagram Story Viewer

Do you want to see someone's story without them finding out? Ghostify is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see someone's story without following them on Instagram?

You don't need to follow public accounts to view their stories.
But for private accounts, you MUST be a follower of a person to see their story on Instagram. There is no way to view a private account's story if you don't follow them.

Can I use Ghostify without an Instagram account?

No. You will need to log in to your account on Instagram's website.
Ghostify is a chrome extension that work's on the Instagram official website.

Does Ghostify access my instagram login information?

No. You only log in to the Instagram official website. Ghostify won't access your login information whatsoever.

Is Ghostify Free?

Test Ghostify with a free trial plan (view 15 stories anonymously), and then pay as little as 2.99$ for unlimited usage.

What else?

Disable read recipient

Ghostify lets you read messages without being noticed online and disables read recipient 

Hidding online status and typing

Ghostify disables “is typing” status on WhatsApp and Instagram, so you’re the one that actually decides who knows the truth

Watch stories anonymously

When using Ghostify, you can see other stories without being seen. See stories and no one knows you have seen their stories.

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