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Simply start watching Instagram stories anonymously on your Chrome browser with no need to enter Instagram profile name or type IG username. Once you install the Ghostify InstaNavigation tool, there will be no waste of time browsing any other websites like InstaNavigation. Just surf your Instagram normally and stay anonymous just like a ghost 👻

1. Click "START NOW"
2. In Chrome Store, click "add to Chrome" or "add extension"
3. DONE! Now normally surf Instagram official website anonymously

InstaNavigation: View Instagram Anonymously

Instagram Stories have become essential to the Instagram experience, with over 700 million active users posting daily. These stories are snapshots of people’s lives that disappear after 24 hours, providing a more spontaneous and open picture than regular updates. Recently, Instagram story viewers have taken the world by storm, allowing users to anonymously view Instagram stories without the poster ever knowing.
An Instagram story viewer like InstaNavigation lets you dive into the Insta stories of your favorite accounts, sliding through contents and witnessing moments while staying ghost. This is especially useful if you want to view Instagram stories from someone you're not following.

  • Do you want to view Instagram stories anonymously of any profile?
  • Are you frustrated with constantly visiting websites like InstaNavigation and dealing with annoying advertisements?
  • Are you looking for a hassle-free way to view Instagram anonymously?

Ghostify anonymous instagram story viewer and story downloader, available as a Chrome extension or Android app, is the perfect tool for you! This tool ensures a seamless and anonymous story viewing experience, allowing you to watch Instagram stories anonymously without any hassle of ads.

How to Use Ghostify InstaNavigation tool for Instagram Story Viewer

  • You don't have to visit the InstaNavigation website or any other Instagram story viewer site to anonymously view Instagram stories every time you want to stay private. These sites are often cluttered with annoying ads.

  • To ALWAYS view Instagram stories anonymously: Download and install our Chrome extension or Android app.

  • Sign in to your Instagram account via your Chrome browser or using our Instagram story viewer Android app.

  • Enjoy using Instagram like a ghost—anonymously watch Instagram stories, type or read messages, and hide your online status.

  • You can download any video using our IG downloader tool.

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